How To Please A Woman And Make Her Think About You All The Time

A man’s nature is primal. It does not require any conscious thought from his end; but instead, he relies on the deep urges that seems to boil out from his inner being.

In truth, a man’s need is centered on his ego – to get what he wants and nothing else. This causes him to be clueless when it comes to knowing how to please a woman.

The female species, on the other hand, has always been an enigma to the common man. Even if they are equipped with a single brain, they project different personalities and mind set that often drives their male counterpart crazy.

But in truth, this is practically the reason why they are irresistible to the opposite sex – the challenge that they give.

Are you ready to conquer the obstacles to the female heart and learn how to please a woman?

Understanding Women

The only way to know how to please a woman is to know the different personalities that they show to the outside world.

Usually, these personalities often leave men dumbfounded as they switch from one mood to another in a blink of an eye. But truth to tell, understanding these mood swings is one way to know exactly what she wants you to do.

These mood swings happen for a reason, and when you know what’s behind it, you can take steps in giving her what she wants to keep her happy.

Women like to talk. Whether they are in a good mood or bad, they usually voice out their emotions to their partners. Listening and being attentive while your woman is in one of these mood swings is a great way to determine what she really wants.

Be attentive and keep your emotions in check, even if their rants and raves are directed at you.

Showing Affection

If you really want to know how to please a woman and win her heart, you need to show her the affection she deserves. She might look intimidating on the outside, but she craves for loving affection within.

Note, however, that words and emotions are not enough to win a woman’s heart; you need to back it up with action as you go along.

For starters, you can pamper her by giving her a good massage when she comes home from work. Or prepare a romantic dinner for you and your woman to enjoy. And while you’re at it, get some wine to help both of you relax as you adjourn to the living room for a quiet and romantic evening.

Knowing how to please a woman and understanding her desire to be loved are great ways to win her affection. She might be shocked at first by the sudden change in your personality; but keep up the good work until you see that lovely smile that often turns men’s legs to jelly.

The Mysterious Leo Man In Love – How To Crack The Code

Would you like to know more about the Leo man in love, so you can see if he might be the man for you? Do you need help understanding what he wants in a woman? If you are falling for Leo, what steps can you take to make sure that it will be mutual? There are a lot of layers to a Leo man in love and it takes a special woman to peel back those layers and find a secure spot for herself in his heart.

Only The Strongest Women Win The Hearts Of Lions

A Leo man is a very complex man and it can be exhausting trying to keep up with him mentally and emotionally. But if you can, there are some great rewards to look forward to.

You may have heard the expression that nothing is worthwhile unless you have to work for it. Well, with a Leo man in love, you will most definitely have to work hard at your relationship, but it will be so worth it.

Those who are born in the sign of Leo are men of contrasts. He may not let you know directly how he feels until he is sure of you, but if you mess with him, you will have to work hard to get a second chance.

The Leo Man In Love Is Loyal And Strong

This is a man who can be very jealous and stubborn on one hand, and will demand that you be faithful and solid in your love.

But on the other hand, if you show him that he is your one and only, he will shower you with attention and affection. The woman who loves to be wined and dined and romanced will be in heaven with a Leo.

Leo Men Are Very Romantic

Leos are passionate romantics and they love all the trappings that go along with that. The candlelight dinners, the moonlight walks on the beach, the red roses sent to your office for no special reason, the bottle of your favorite perfume – Leo will spare no thought or expense in his efforts to make you feel loved and special.

It’s a mystery how a man like Leo who can be so attentive and in tune with the woman in his life, can at the same time be a bit on the shallow side. He likes the spotlight and he loves to be the center of attention when he’s around a lot of other people.

What To Watch Out For With Leo Men

Unfortunately, he sometimes forgets that you’re with him and so you can find yourself in a situation where you are forced to fend for yourself. When you mention to him later that you are kind of upset that he abandoned you at the party where you knew no one, he is honestly surprised and clueless that you felt like that. Because he’s such an extrovert, he takes it for granted that everyone else is the same way.

But even though he is outgoing and loves to be around others, he is sensitive to criticism and takes everything to heart. You will have to learn to tread lightly if you are critical of him, even if you have good reason to be, because he will get defensive and feel like he’s being attacked unjustly.

Life with a Leo man in love can be fulfilling and will certainly be interesting as you are constantly kept on your toes trying to fully understand him. Would you like more help figuring out your Leo man?

Why Men Disappear Instead of Breaking Up – 4 Big Reasons to Help You Stop Wondering Why

It hurts like mad when someone you care about just suddenly stops calling and responding to your texts. You were in a relationship with him but he didn’t have the courtesy to say something and just vanished? It’s mind-boggling I know. So by sharing some insights about why men disappear instead of breaking up, I hope your mind will give you some peace, you can stop wondering why this happened, begin to move on with your life, and discover more about what you can do to prevent it from occurring again…

  1. Men disappear instead of breaking up because they want to avoid the conflict and drama of breaking up.He knows that you will feel hurt by the breakup, which will most likely end in tears or a fight. And men are generally clueless about how to handle a woman who is emotionally out-of-control. He may even fear it. Hence, he would rather disappear and avoid you, rather than face the drama.
  2. Another reason a man will disappear instead of telling you that he wants a breakup, is because he desperately wants to avoid being asked the question ‘Why are we breaking up?’ Most men cannot specifically understand their loss of interest in woman that he used to feel very attracted to. And if he doesn’t understand it, how can he possibly explain it to you? He would have to lie… would that truly be better?
  3. Men will also disappear instead of breaking up because he doesn’t want to tell you the real reasons for your breakup. Very often, the reasons why a man decides to break up are not the same reasons why a woman would end a relationship. He instinctively knows that you may not understand his reason. Plus, there’s no way that he can help you understand his logic either. Maybe he knows the reason why he’s not attracted to you… but he can’t tell the truth because it’s too unkind. Do you really want to know that he thinks you’re not pretty enough, boring, etc?
  4. He’s made a firm decision and doesn’t want to discuss it with you. He predicts that you may try to talk him out of his decision, but he knows nothing you say will make him change his mind. So since it’s a foregone conclusion, he thinks there’s no point discussing why he won’t be seeing you anymore.

The most important thing you need to know, is that his actions have made it clear that your relationship is over to him. And even though it hurts, you can be grateful that it happened now, instead of letting things drag further.

While there are ‘logical’ reasons for why a man disappears instead of breaking up, it is not an excuse for his immature, irresponsible and hurtful behavior. Luckily, the end of this relationship means you have a chance of finding a man worthy of your love, who will treat you with respect and cherish you. But you will need to know to attract and keep such a man if you want to have the relationship you’ve always dreamed of having.

How to Attract My Girlfriend Back – 4 Step to Re-attract Her Love and Get Her Back

Is it possible to attract my girlfriend back and get back together? The answer is yes attraction is nothing magical it is just a state of mind. In the next five minutes you will learn how to re-attract your ex girlfriend back by using some underground secrets. First of all whatever you do not panic, panic is a very bad advisor and it can backfire on you. This is the reason why most men fail to get their ex back because they can not think rational anymore.

Step 1: Do not act desperate You can not attract your ex girlfriend back if you are desperate. Sign that you are desperate are the typical thing men do to get their lover back. Sending flowers, giving gifts and writing love poems. Believe me your ex girlfriend, friend and family will do know that you are desperate The more effort you put into her the further you will pull her away.

Step 2: Become a men who lead Leadership is a quality that women find very attractive in men. Showing that youhave the compatibilities of a leaders is very attractive. It gives the women a clear signal that you are a men of higher value. One of the major reason why your girlfriend has fallen in love with you is because you were a men who had higher value then her. Now she thinks your value is lower then her and therefore she doesn’t see you as a lover anymore. Perhaps you believe that this is not true but she thinks it is and that is important. So show her that you are still the men who can lead. This does definitely creates re-attraction in her mind again. Being a leader does not mean thatyou have to be a CEO or a soldier. Becoming a leader does mean that you have to bean alpha men. Your girlfriend (like every women) was genetically programmed to follow a strong men.

Step 3: Be secure You cannot attract your ex girlfriend back if you act insecure and needy. There is notan exact definition of being insecure but it will manifest itself in many different forms. Think about jealousy, controlling, seeking for approval, being clingy.

Step 4: Get a purpose in life Knowing what you want and what you will is very attractive. It does not matter what you will achieve in your life it can be swimming five kilometers, writing a book or even making a puzzle of ten thousand pieces. However make sure your purpose in life is not your girlfriend. This may sound strange bout women do not want a boyfriend who’s soul purpose is to please her.

Do not underestimate these techniques. They have helped already thousands of men to attract their girlfriend back with a 83,6% success rate.

Network Marketing – So is This Some Kind of Pyramid Scheme?

Okay, so I am sure anyone who has ever been in a network marketing company has heard the reply, “Is this some kind of pyramid scheme?” Although, this question is annoying and somewhat insulting, stay friendly and don’t reply with a snooty comment.

When I am faced with this question, I first ask them to tell me what a pyramid scheme is in their own words. Most times he or she is dead wrong and quite frankly have no idea what answer they are searching to receive. In other words, they are clueless about network marketing and the power of the business model.

Your goal in this situation is not to convince them to join your company or tell them how wonderful your products are. Rather you want to educate them on what a pyramid scheme is and encourage them to do some research on their own. The reason you don’t want this individual in your organization is because they are already giving off a negative vibe and probably will complain about everything along the way.

No one wants to drag someone along who is just kicking up dust and not really there to achieve anything. I promise you, you will thank me later after you have spent several weeks, even months tirelessly training this person on how to run a successful business. However, this person will not grow your business or theirs because they do not want to put in the sweat equity to achieve success.

So some of you reading this blog post may not know what a pyramid scheme is and that is perfectly fine. I am here to enlighten you. For those of you who do, good for you!!! Put simply, a pyramid scheme is an illegal money game, where money is exchanged and no product or service is being delivered.

For example, most pyramid schemes are based on a strategy where people are recruited to make payments to others above them and then expect to get paid from people recruited below them. Ultimately the number of new recruits fails to sustain the payment structure, and the scheme collapses with most people losing the money they paid in.

This sounds very similar to a network marketing company. Well it is based on the same principle. However, there are 3 main differences between network marketing and pyramid schemes which are listed below:

1.)Distributors can get paid solely by selling the product not just by recruiting.

2.)The compensation plan is capped at a limited number. In other words, there are restrictions the company puts on its compensation plan that limits the number of people who can get paid on a sale. This control makes the business model sustainable and erases the theory that you have to get in at the top. With this structure, it doesn’t matter where you come in, at the top or at the bottom so to say as everyone has the same opportunity to make money.

3.)The company has been around for several years and has a proven track record. Yes, there will be new start-up network marketing companies that will be legit and not pyramid schemes despite lacking an established sales history. For a new company, do a lot of research as well as study the compensation plan. If you are not savvy with compensation plans, ask someone you know who is to review the plan for you.

Another angle I use to divert from the negative connotation behind network marketing and the pyramid scheme is to announce the real pyramid scheme that CEO’s and shareholders cover up by giving it a clever name: The Corporate Ladder. The structure of a network marketing company is similar to a corporate structure with the CEO at the top and the general laborers at the bottom.

However, the biggest difference between the two is that you in your own network marketing company get to be the CEO of your business and expand your business down. General laborers do not have the authority to act as the CEOs of the companies in which they work nor do they have the ability to make more or even as much money than the people above them in the company’s hierarchy structure.

It takes long years of dedication and education to climb the corporate ladder, but takes far less time to build a successful network marketing company, especially with the explosion of social media. I am left bewildered by this paradox and irritated that we are the ones who get called crazy for thinking up a better box to live our lives in!!!

Guys – How to Turn Your Username For Your Online Dating Profile Into a Hot Chick Magnet!

So you want to know how to turn your username for your online dating profile into a chick magnet?

Most guys are clueless when it comes to picking a username. In fact, most guys pick a name that’s a “Chick Repellent.”

I used to be clueless, too. In fact, my username sucked and practically screamed at girls to click “Next!”

But, I have a secret for you – and it’s this: I discovered how to turn my username into a chick magnet and so can you! And get this – all you guys can be just as successful in attracting hot girls with your online profile with the right username.

So this is good news for you and I – especially since we want to know how to turn your online profile username into a personal and automated chick magnet for you.

We can do this using some little-known secret tweaks and turn these secrets to our advantage.

I want you to think about this – your username is one of the first things girls see when you send them a message or they check out your profile. What is your username telling girls about who you are?

Here’s 3 username FATAL MISTAKES most guys make you must avoid like the Plague!

Mistake #1: Picking A Username That Makes You Sound Like A Loser

Names like “HopelessRomantic”… “IWantLove”… “Looking4Luv”… “LonelyAndNeedingLove” – these names signal to hot chicks that you are a lonely loser with low social value.

Mistake #2: Picking A Username That Uses Numbers

Usernames that are full of numbers don’t say anything about who you are! These types of names will leave girls confused and are hard to remember.

Mistake #3: Picking A User Name That Makes You Sound Like A Perv

Don’t use names with extreme sexual connotations like “Allof9Inches,” “HardAndReady,” or “BiggestDiscoStick.”

This is BIG TURN OFF to hot girls.

Your username is a chick magnet when it conveys that you are a confident, social, fun and passionate guy.

You can be funny. You can name yourself after something you find passion in. You can create mystery. And you can use “sexy” or “hottie” in your username but keep it unique and classy.

WARNING: Do not neglect the above secrets to making your online dating profile a chick magnet! Be sure to take this advise seriously if you want to start flooding your profile with responses from hot, fun and sexy girls.

What Does MICR Toner Mean? All You Need to Know About MICR Printing

Remember Frank Abagnale, Jr. (or Hollywood hottie, Leonardo DiCaprio, to you!) in the movie “Catch Me, If You Can?” A lot of scenes there showed him cashing Pan Am Airline checks that he wrote using a typewriter. Well, that is not possible now with the emergence of MICR or Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.

Banks have started to find ways to streamline their handling of checks as more people grew mobile and (perhaps have grown rich) found more use for bank checks. To automate the processing of these, a standard electronic processing, handling and reading system was established. This is now known as Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) defines MICR or Magnetic Character Recognition as the accepted machine language specification used in payment transactions on paper – that’s bank checks for you. These are characters printed (MICR Printing) in a special magnetic ink (MICR Toner) that is then read by high speed magnetic equipment that is especially made to recognize these. MICR printing follows an agreed pattern or syntax that, besides authenticating the check, provides the bank with the necessary information like the account number, bank routing number, check number and even the amount requested.

Printed with an E-13B font or CMC-7 font, these MICR characters have to follow a standard arrangement of numbers and symbols for these to be read by a high speed check sorting and reading machine. Just like some barcode fonts, these symbols have a pre-determined prefix and suffix that serve as codes for these machines-there’s no way Leonardo DiCaprio’s character could decipher this as MICR printing follows a lot of strict conditions such as the positioning of the printed lines in relation to the Clear Band Area of the check.

MICR printing involves a special formulation ink called the MICR toner, and these can be printed using a laser printer or printed on a printing press or w/ impact machines. The MICR toner is magnetically charged so that the reader-sorter machines can recognize them through each character’s unique shape. And since it is a machine that optically recognizes these characters, it become important then to have an even or consistent print quality, correct placement of characters on the designated printing area to ensure readability.

MICR Toner

You can use your regular desktop laser printer in MICR printing as long as you use MICR toner. MICR toners are specially formulated magnetic inks that are not the type that you usually use with your printers. These may be readable to the human eye but what the reader-sorter machines are looking for are the magnetic signal or the electronic “fingerprints.” Trying to pass a check in a bank with invalid MICR codes will have them rejected at the clearing center, may cause you a lot of delays, or worse, the bank teller may suspect a modern Frank Abagnale, Jr. who is totally clueless about Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.

Paint Jobs – How Much Does it Cost to Paint? Estimating Paint Jobs

Nobody wants to work for nothing, but many painting businesses do when they don’t charge for all the things that are part of each job. If you intend to do a complete job, and your customer is asking for a complete job, then you should be charging for a complete job. Leave something off of the estimate and you are working for nothing. Doing a complete and thorough estimate involves everything that takes time whether it be screwing that switch plate cover back on or painting the altar in that church. Many painters brag about what they describe as an almost mystical experience, like walking into a room and a price comes into their head. I never liked that because it is inaccurate, lazy and likely to end up poorly, at best you will just miss something and work for nothing on that part of the job. Another reason why this lump sum magic is bad is that someone is always surprised when the customer finds something that wasn’t done and they thought it was part of the job. And they tell you do it or don’t get paid. I talk about this when I discuss the Proposal itself.

Setup – Whether it be driving 100 miles to the job or 2 days setting up scaffolding or 20 minutes unloading drops, ladders and paint, it is part of every job. And because it is part of the job it is included in the cost of the job and needs to be estimated. Some thought should be given to special circumstances as mentioned above, or keep a percentage to use as a formula for each job. For example: if you are scaffolding out that church steeple to scrape and paint, then you need to figure everything involved with this stage including take down. This type of setup is likely to be much more costly than the actual paint job. Whereas painting the interior of your average customers home can be done room by room as a percentage of the total hours. For example: if you are dropping out a room, removing switch plates, moving furniture, etc. Then an easy way to do it is to take the total hours painting and multiply by.1 or.2 or whatever you think is an average time. Estimating setup, prep, and cleanup as a percentage on average jobs saves time when estimating.

Preparation – Lots of times this costs way more than the paint job. For example: we did a paint job on a big 1840’s wood clapboard monster of a house. 15 weeks removing paint before one drop of paint went on the house, the painting itself was about 3 weeks. Not only time but lots of sanding disks, respirators, disposable coveralls, cleanup daily, and removal of all dust and chips was all a big deal because of the size of the job and because of the old lead paint. The opposite is the average home interior that can be estimated like the setup example above using a percentage. Most of the time interior prep is just small surface repairs, and some caulking, the stuff that is the same from job to job. Special repairs or problems should be itemized.

Painting – What amount of time does it take to paint 5 wood casement windows on ground level without a ladder? How much time does it take to paint those same 5 windows at 40 feet on a hill when each window is 8 feet apart? Probably more than 2 times what it takes to paint the ones on ground level, each time moving and setting up the ladder on uneven ground most likely involving 2 people to move and setup the ladder for each window. So an easy formula to use on heights above 25 feet would be 2 times or 2.2 times or whatever the time it takes to paint the same window without ladder. Most of the time estimating painting costs can be done with a formula that works pretty well from job to job.

Cleanup – This part of the painting job is likely to be glossed over or ignored from an estimating position. This is a big mistake because it can take more time that the actual painting, depending on the job. If this part of the job is not done well the client may view the entire job as poorly done. And if done really well it may just put the crowning touch on the job. Estimating the time to properly cleanup after each job is critical to your estimate. If you short this part of the estimate, by not allowing enough time, then something has to give and the outcome is likely an unhappy customer. Average jobs can use a factor to estimate time. Example, an 8 hour interior job can be cleaned up in 8 hours x.1 =.8 hours.

When I watch some of these “home remodeling” shows blow through the painting as if it is nothing, I laugh but then I think how much ignorance they create. When Norm does his woodworking magic it is an event to behold; but, when Carlos spends 3 hours vacuuming, dusting and cleaning windows after a paint job, it is nothing, it is not even mentioned. Some many home owners tackle paint jobs and are totally clueless as to what is really involved. Like the time when we were called in to touch up walls in this multi-million dollar mcMansion following a $25,000 audio system wiring job where the technician cut holes in 11 different rooms. Each room had a different color, so we cleaned rollers, brushes, cut buckets etc. after each color. The owner gave me a big argument about charging her for the time to clean our tools. If it is part of the job and you wouldn’t be doing it except for their job, then they should be paying you for it.

How To Make a Woman Horny Within Minutes Of Meeting You By Using 3 Under-The-Radar Seduction Tactics

Most guys have don’t have a set strategy for interacting with a woman when they decide to approach her. They take a hit-and miss approach and hope that the next woman they try to seduce will respond favorably to their advances. If you have been one of these guys, don’t feel bad. The only difference between rookies from master seducers is having the correct mindset when approaching a woman and employing a certain set strategies while interacting with her. Although this article can’t teach you how to become an overnight success with the ladies, it will give you a solid foundation which you can build upon on your journey to becoming a seduction wunderkind. It will give you insights into what you’ll need to do to attract your dream woman.

* One of the most basic skills that all guys need to have if they want to attract women is having good social skills when interacting with them. This means that you must feel completely comfortable and confident when you talk with them. This is extremely important because it will enable you to establish rapport and make her comfortable as fast as possible. This will make her more likely to make her genuinely attracted to you. If you feel uncomfortable and act awkward when you’re with her you stand absolutely no chance of establishing any kind of connection with her. You need to understand that women love “alpha males” – guys who are confident and take control of the conversation she enjoys without becoming overbearing or too aggressive. Therefore

* Another characteristic that will attract high-quality women to you is the level of energy and enthusiasm you have when you talk to her. Most guys that try to seduce a woman tend to be plain boring. You need to learn to stand out from the crowd and one of the best ways to do this is to have lots of enthusiasm and high level of energy when you talk to her. However, you also have to be careful not to come across as too overbearing and too aggressive as she will likely feel suffocated.

* One factor that is most likely to determine whether a woman will feel attracted to you is your ability to create sexual tension while you are with her. If you want to become romantically involved with her you simply must ignite a sexual spark and have a healthy dose of chemistry in order for her to feel sexually attracted to you. If you fail to do so you the best you can hope for is maybe getting her phone number and being relegated to the dreaded “friend zone”

Why Is My Boyfriend Not Talking to Me Like He Used To? Here Are the Possible Reasons Why

Probably one of the most common relationship questions that baffle many women is “Why did my boyfriend suddenly stop talking to me?” Most of the time, women are so clueless with what the real reason is behind the icy attitude. Here are 7 probable causes:

He saw something that he found unappealing in you.

It could be the way you carry your dress or the way you tactlessly comment at other people. No matter how minute these things may seem to you, your man might feel a revolting distaste for the way you have behaved and not talking to you is one way he’s dealing with it.

He has a problem that he just can’t share with you.

Perhaps it’s too personal that’s why he’d rather keep mum about it. And because men have been brought up to keep things inside of them, he might be uncomfortable to open up about a concern that he might have.

A third party might be involved.

He might have met someone that he deems better than you. No matter how painful this may seem, just let him go if this is the reason behind his indifference. There are many other worthy guys out there. Just be thankful that he cheated on you while you’re still not married to him.

Before you wreck havoc…

…consider if he’s also busy at work on a certain project that he needs to get done. Maybe his boss has been pressing him to finish something and here you come with all your unwarranted drama! Imagine how he’d feel.

He’s not in the mood.

Hey, girls aren’t the only ones who have mood swings. Remember that he’s still a human being and so he’s also subjected to the same rigors of pressure and stress. Perhaps he just had a bad day at work and his silence has nothing to do with you at all.

He realizes that you’re not compatible.

When he looks at you or whenever he’s with you, this man doesn’t feel the chemistry at all. Too late did he realize that you’re not the one for him. So instead of confronting you about his real feelings, perhaps your man would rather slink away so he wouldn’t hurt your feelings.

He’s not ready to let go of his bachelorhood.

Perhaps he also suddenly realized that going out with you has already placed too much strain on his schedule. His freedom to go out with his male buddies or to be on his own is clearly hampered so he’d chosen to just ignore you.